Great teachers help to make great students. The Imperial English TESOL course will give you the tools to help you climb the steps to greatness in your teaching career.

Imperial English TESOL training guiding those who wish to inspire.


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Develop your practical and theoretical teaching skills

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Gain UK TESOL certification upon course completion

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Have accessible and efficient marking techniques at your fingertips

Imperial English courses provide academies and teachers with all the content they will need to deliver the General English Series and Academic English Series with ease.
However, it is important to us at Imperial English that we ensure that academies are fully prepared, and the main factor to ensure this is teacher training.
Teacher training is important whether you’re a new or an experienced teacher. Not only to maintain quality standards, but because every course is different.




teachers with using the Imperial English teaching apps



teachers information on the Imperial English approach to teaching through digital apps


Break down

the course content and highlight key features



teachers for planning, feedback and assessment on Imperial English courses



elements of teaching theory to aid teachers in their training



teachers for potential challenges they may face with students, unfamiliar content and approaches



opportunities for personalisation on the course


  • The training is broken down into 14 sessions and each session focuses on a different aspect of the course.

  • These sessions include:

  • At the end of each session you will have some questions to complete. These are summary questions to check that you have understood the session.

  • For some sessions there will also be additional theory tasks. These will include a chapter or article to read and answer questions on.

  • Homework will be set for each session and include completing a journal about the session and working on a short essay to be submitted by the end of the course.

  • The course takes approximately 35.75hrs ( Training hours: 15.25 + Self-study hours*: 20.5 ).

  • * Self-study hours should be done on-site so that trainees can benefit from assistance. Self-study includes assessment questions, background reading & questions, homework, learner journal and work on assignment.

Structure & Delivery

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  • The teacher training for Imperial English courses is delivered using an app.
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  • This can be done face-to-face with a teacher trainer or through distance learning.
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  • The course takes approximately 35.75hrs
  • Training hours: 15.25
  • Self-study hours*: 20.5
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  • This will be done over 14 days if face-to-face or a deadline will be set by Imperial English/your academy if you train remotely.

Assessment & Award

During the teacher training, you will be assessed on the following components:
  • Answering summary questions about each session

  • Completion of theory reading and tasks

  • Completion of Learner Journal for each session

  • Submission of essay

  • Submission of feedback forms

On successful completion of the teacher training course, all participants will be awarded with the Imperial English UK British TESOL CPD Certificate.


  • 10 Inch, Android 8 Tablet + External keyboard

  • Functioning microphone, speakers & minimum kitkat OS

  • 2 GB Ram

  • Reliable Internet Connection

  • Headphones

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