Why invest in English?



  • Preference for learners to study at English medium / international schools
  • Majority of learning resources are presented in the English language
  • Major studies & research taking place in English



  • A skill sought after by most employers
  • Increased chances of a promotion
  • Greater potential for higher salary
  • Greater opportunities for jobs at multinational companies
  • Provides access to overseas job transfers



  • One of the most widely spoken languages today
  • The official language for international business & trade
  • Being active on the Internet & social media allows you to connect with the world through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn


A Global Lifestyle

  • Have a common language for international travel
  • Lead a global lifestyle
  • Access to movies, TV series, music, books etc. for enhanced entertainment and socialising experiences
As an Imperial English UK Academy, you will be offering; - British English courses designed around a British curriculum. These courses have been internationally trialled. - All courses are taught face-to-face using learning apps. No books are required, just a tablet. - We will provide full teacher training on course content and management, as well as ongoing support throughout the courses. - Learners will receive an Imperial English British certificate on completion and there is opportunity for both teachers and students to visit the UK on organised tours. - All academies are provided with management and promotional systems to organise and recruit students. - This business opportunity requires low investment for high returns and allows you flexibility and freedom in all decision-making.
Imperial English courses contain elements found in established courses taught in UK British Council accredited schools, and include the encouragement of learner independence, learner autonomy and critical thinking skills.
There are three levels of study Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate, each containing 60 hours of General English. There are also 15 hours of Academic English at level 1 and 30 hours at levels 2 and 3.
The Level 1 Imperial English Elementary course contains 7 books on a single app. This consists of:
two Course Books that include instructions and references for topics 1 to 30 two Practice Books where students will complete all tasks for topics 1 to 30 and an Academic English Book.
The app also features a Vocabulary Book and a Grammar Book for independent grammar practice. Each level in the Imperial English course consists of 30 different topics which are all designed to be relevant interesting and enjoyable to learners.
Each topic has specific aims and includes a variety of tasks which are all devised to improve your English in each of the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking in the most efficient and enjoyable way.
The elementary course topics include: introducing yourself, likes and dislikes, the future, the environment, social media, health, history, future careers and many more.
The Elementary course content uses these topics to help learners do the following things:
improve basic levels of English
develop basic academic English skills
expand vocabulary on every day and academic topics
learn to exchange personal information
discuss activities and events
develop accuracy on specific grammar points
listen to authentic texts from native English speakers to improve listening skills and
build confidence in communicating in English.
The level 2 Imperial English Pre-Intermediate course also includes 7 books worth of course content on the same app.
The Pre Intermediate course topics include: education, sports, travel, crime, business science, money, transport and many more.
The Pre-Intermediate course content uses these topics to help learners do the following things: develop their existing English language skills apply their English to more academic contexts expand vocabulary and communicate more freely on everyday and academic topics offer opinions and exchange information with others more independently experiment with more complex grammar points and listen to longer texts and interviews.
The level 3 Imperial English Intermediate course also consists of 7 books worth of content on the same app.
The level 3 Intermediate course topics include: technology, research, socialising, family and friends, work, change, student life and University, independent learning and many more.
The Intermediate course content uses these topics to help learners do the following things: use their English language skills to discuss topics in more depth be independent and confident to use English for academic contexts consolidate and expand vocabulary to communicate spontaneously in a variety of contexts expand and use complex grammar structures accurately listen to and read longer texts and follow the narrative write extended text using research skills to help and above all evaluate their own and others work.
All together the Imperial English app over three levels offers you 21 books worth of content available for you on one app.
All Imperial English courses are taught face to face without the need for any books. All our course content is sent and delivered through an app. Students and teachers will use a tablet to access the app.This technology-based learning is easy to use and efficient as all content is in one place and there's no need to carry around heavy books or risk losing class work, and its modern - by using tablets instead of books, we are able to use more interactive techniques and offer updates more regularly.
In order to use the app, it is recommended that corporate Academies purchase a minimum of 5 tablets. Learners are able to log in and out of the app after use so do not require a tablet each. The total number of tablets you require all depends on the number of students per class. For example, at maximum capacity 5 tablets can be used between 125 students. This is assuming you have 5 classes with 5 students in each class, for five days a week. That’s 25 students a day. The tablets you purchase must operate on an Android system, have a 10 inch display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 9 hours of battery life, internet access and it is recommended that you offer external keyboards in addition. It should be noted that Imperial English does not supply the tablets and that the
There are two apps that will be used to deliver the course.
The first is the English Diagnostic Assessment app, which is where learners will register with the Academy and complete an assessment. The assessment, along with the teachers input will determine what level of English the student currently is and they will be enrolled onto the appropriate course.
Once enrolled, the student will start their course using the Imperial English app.
The English Diagnostic Assessment app determines the student's level of English by testing their grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking.
The test takes a maximum of 2.5 hours depending on how quickly the student works.
Once complete, the test is sent to the teacher for marking - grammar and reading are marked automatically by the app, but will also be moderated by the teacher.
Final marks, comments and course recommendations are entered by the teacher and sent back for the student to view on the app.
Once enrolled on an Imperial English course, the student will be working from the Imperial English app.
All together the Imperial English app over three levels offers you 21 books worth of content available for you on one app.
By replacing books with an app, we are ensuring that students still get the invaluable and interactive benefits of face-to-face teaching but also the smart use of Advanced technology for a greater learning experience.
The app contains the full course content presented over 30 topics.
For General English this means 120 hours of face-to-face teaching.
For academic English this consists of 75 hours of face-to-face teaching and additional self-study grammar practice for each topic.
Key features of the app include a notification section where you can keep up to date with course progress, marked work and teacher feedback and upcoming Imperial English events.
All these notifications can be accessed when the app is not running through the connect feature which is available to download directly onto your phone.
The notes section allows students to write down their thoughts, ideas and pieces of information that are not directly related to the topic or task.
The work record organises students work into tasks that are completed, pending or need attention.
All this work is compiled into a digital portfolio that enables students to track their progress and make study plans very easily.
The assessment feature is the formative assessment tool that will be used to complete the end of course tests.
The vocabulary feature is where any new vocabulary can be added and referred to by the student.
Finally, all audio used throughout the course is recorded by native English speakers. This is to model correct pronunciation for students. Students are able to practice their pronunciation and fluency by recording themselves on the app.
The key to success with any course is teacher confidence, so Imperial English Academy teachers will be given comprehensive face-to-face guidance and training on all course content. This includes planning, delivery and marking.
On the app, the teacher will have access to advice, assessment and answers for all topics and tasks throughout the course.
Should technical difficulties arise, we will also be available to help along with support on any other teaching related issues.
Included in the content training is the British TESOL CPD training, a 5 day training program designed to update teachers on the latest practices, tools and theories being used in the UK.
Further information will also be provided on opportunities to visit the UK for more training.
On successful completion of each level, the student will receive a British certification from Imperial English.
There are two certificates available for each level, one General English certificate and one Academic English certificate.
As well as our courses, Imperial English offers Academic & Cultural tours to the UK at affordable fees for students, teachers and directors.
There are four different types of UK tours that we offer: Academic Tours, which include an intensive English course with some free time activities. Training Tours, aimed at teachers and managers who want to expand their skill set. Business Tours, for people interested in curriculum development or establishing their own schools or pre-schools. And finally Cultural Tours, these are camps that combine study hours with cultural visits to UK towns and tourist attractions.
These tours can be tailor-made to suit your needs and can be organised throughout the year.
When establishing an Imperial English UK Academy, you will be provided with online systems that enable you to manage students and courses as well as advertise through your personalised webpage.
The Student Management Portal is where a record of all information on registered students will be kept.
The Course Management Portal is where all the students’ academic records will be stored and can be accessed by administration, teachers and management.
The personalised Academy webpage will assist with promoting the Academy and helping to recruit learners.
This webpage will be linked with the Imperial English website to verify the Academy.
The page contains space for basic information, including owner / manager profiles, a welcome message, courses on offer, fees, gallery, location, opening hours and contact information.
The total cost for setting up an Imperial English Institutional Academy is £3500.
This includes £500 for the one-off start-up fee and £3000 for purchasing 100 course subscriptions.
The only cost after this is when you want to buy more subscriptions for new students.
To become an Imperial English UK Academy there is a one-off fee of £500. There are no renewal fees and no royalty charges.
In return for this £500 investment, the institute receives nearly £5000 worth of services.
These services include British Academy status, teacher training & British TESOL certification, a personalised Academy webpage, access to e-portals, promotional and marketing support and British certificates / awards for 100 students.
The course subscription of £30 per learner includes the following things: an entire English language course (between 75 and 90 hours of face-to-face teaching) – costing you as little 40 pence per hour. This is significantly lower than the average hourly cost of English language courses in other countries. For example in Italy the average cost of an English course is £12 per hour, in Georgia it’s £5 per hour and in Nepal it’s £3 per hour.
This low price allows you to make a profit from your course fees and still keep costs low for the learner.For example, you buy our 75 hour elementary course subscription for £30 (this costs you 33p per hour) and you could charge your students £200 for the whole course (thats £2.60 per hour) and this would still be less expensive than even the cheapest courses available anywhere in the world.The course you purchase from us meets British standards, is internationally tested, and uses the most advanced learning apps. This course uses tablets in the classroom for delivering the lessons instead of heavy and outdated textbooks and also includes a UK certification on completion.
This really is the best quality deal you could invest in for yourself and your learners!
To gain access to the Imperial English app you must buy subscriptions.
One subscription provides one learner access to one level which includes General English and Academic English.
Institutional Academies must purchase a minimum of 100 subscriptions at a cost of £3,000 (with each course subscription costing £30).
This is the only other payment you will make to Imperial English.
Once subscriptions have been purchased you are free to charge student fees at your own discretion and keep 100% of the profits.
The chart shows the income potential based on differing student fees.
Here are some profit projections based on different student numbers and varying course fees.
As can be seen from the table institutes that enrol 500 learners could generate between £75,000 to £125,000 in income and £30,000 to £50,000 in profits.
The pie chart shows the potential costs for an Imperial English UK Academy including course subscription cost, rental of premises, staff salaries and so on.
Based on these estimated costs there is still a potential for you to earn 40% profits.
On the other hand, academies using their own premises for teaching may not need to pay rent or recruit new staff so profits could be even higher.
Once you have been granted Academy status you have full control, flexibility and freedom in all decision-making.
This includes management and administrative decisions, staff salaries, course fees, course delivery days, times and premises and the decision to renew or terminate agreements.
To conclude we are offering an exciting business opportunity to set up an ‘Imperial English UK Academy’.
A trusted British brand that delivers English language learning & teaching through a smart, easy and interactive medium.
A truly academic experience that will attract learners.
At the same time, you will be using existing resources effectively creating a source of income and earning profits all while maintaining full control.
Establish a British connection for a solid foundation to success!

Why invest in Imperial English?

British curriculum / syllabus
British standard courses
Face to face teaching using tablets
Face to face teaching using learning Apps
Teacher training & ongoing support
Flexibility & freedom in ALL decision making
Low investment & high returns
Management & promotional systems
British certification & UK tours

Why invest in Imperial English?

  • Written by specialists with over 35 years of teaching experience
  • The content is contemporary, creative and innovative
  • Mapped against the Common European Framework (CEFR) & IELTS
  • Internationally trialled by students from 25+ countries including Spain, Japan, Russia, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Kuwait

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