Imperial English UK Courses

  • Follow a British curriculum and syllabus
  • Written by specialists with over 35 years of teaching experience
  • The content is contemporary, creative and innovative
  • Mapped against the Common European Framework (CEFR) & IELTS
  • Internationally trialled by students from 25+ countries including Spain, Japan, Russia, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Kuwait.

Linguistic Representatives

Ms A Breen
Mr T Hood
Ms S Lee
Mr H Arthur
Ms D Helms
Mrs J Cantoni
Mr J Prentice
Mr A Goodger
Mr N Evans
Mr G Barron
Mr A Wixon
T Ahmad
Mr A Mountford
Miss C Maclennan
Mr L Ethan
Miss A Kelly
Miss R Philpot

IEUK Curriculum & Syllabus

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Course Brochures

Academic English Course

(Only showing 2 topics of sample content)

Elementary English Course

(Only showing 1 topics of sample content)

Pre-Intermediate English Course

(Only showing 2 topics of sample content)

Intermediate English Course

(Only showing 3 topics of sample content)

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