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                                                  TOPIC 1


                                                     TASK 1

               Match the questions in A with the answers in B.

                                     A                                             B
                1. When’s your birthday?                      a. My brother and two friends.

                2. What did you do on the weekend?            b. It’s the 9th of March.
                3. What time is the train?                    c. It was only $15!
                4. How much was your coat?                    d. I went to the new art museum in the city.        WEEK 1 - INTRODUCTIONS
                5. Which bus did you catch today?             e. The number 739.

                6. Who do you live with?                      f. It’s at 2.15.

                                                     TASK 2

               Complete the text using the verbs in the box.

                          ‘s hoping                         isn’t                       started

                       going to learn                        is                           live

               Stefan Houltby _______________ an art director who works for a small creative design
               agency in Berlin. He _______________ at the company 10 years ago, straight after
               university. He _______________ to get his designs noticed by one of the big international
               design companies because he wants to travel more and _______________ in a different
               city. He _______________ married at the moment, but he is living with his girlfriend in an
               apartment near the business district. They are both _______________ English next year to
               help with their job opportunities and chances abroad.

                                                     TASK 3

               Correct the mistakes in these sentences. You may need to add missing words.

               Example:  What time are they arrive later?  What time are they arriving later?
                  a)  Who you go to the theatre with yesterday?
                  b)  I don’t eat meat because I a vegetarian.
                  c)  He’s really liking that ice-cream you bought him!
                  d)  Where she going on holiday next week?
                  e)  We isn’t playing football today because it’s raining too much.

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