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Imperial English UK's General English Series offers a one stop solution for English language learning for teens and adult learners ranging from those at primary/secondary schools, colleges/universities and working professionals. Flexibility is the keynote of the programme structure, with an emphasis on the learner being active and having exposure to examples of English created by native speaker teachers who understand the needs of language learners, namely the importance of personalisation, motivation and the development of learner independence.

The topic-based delivery enables the Imperial English UK General English Series to be extremely flexible. The topics are suitable for learners of all cultural backgrounds and the flexibility in a topic-based approach allows our series to easily become a supplement to the local English language curriculum and can be integrated within the current provision without any difficulties. This flexibility also allows us to match the needs and interests of the target age range and accordingly provide a tailored and personalised programme.

The resources have multiple usages allowing it to be used for taught classroom studies or guided independent studies. The range of resources include support for all four skill areas including speaking, listening, reading, writing, as well as grammar and vocabulary development. All of these areas also cover the relevant sub-skills. The framework for all levels is provided by a course book, containing aims, objectives, outcomes, demonstration of activities, learning tips and models of the target language. The workbook supports the course book, and contains practice exercises, worksheets and reading comprehension texts or dialogues.

Then in order to help the learner build topic vocabulary and understand the importance of collocation, there is a workbook which also includes a reference section for functional and situational language so learners can express themselves in an effective and appropriate manner from early in the course. Reading materials are also a key feature and come in the form of graded readers. The encouragement of reading is essential so the learner has exposure to correct but natural English usage and thought provoking activities to further develop critical thinking skills.

If the Imperial English programme is going to be taught, the role of the teacher is at the heart of the success of lessons. So in addition to answer keys and teaching notes, guidance on teaching English through English is provided. A plus to the programme is the option to have a short TESOL teacher training programme.

So if you’re a school, college, university or language centre looking for a bespoke programme to meet your specific needs, contact us now for further information.

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